In any given moment, we have two options: to step forward into growth, or to step back into safety.

-Abraham Maslow


Areas of clinical work:

- Life transitions & changes
- Developing social emotional skills
- Mindfulness practices
- Managing anxiety and depression
- Your relationship with self and others
- Self esteem & self worth
- Overcoming impostor syndrome
- Coping with grief and loss
- Body positivity
- Reconnecting with your intuition

I believe that every one of my clients comes into therapy with an incredible amount of strengths; my clients are often successful (even if they don’t feel like it), articulate, sensitive, kind and creative adults. They belong to their community as individuals, moms, friends and partners, and while they are engaged in their lives, they may be feeling stuck and lonely. My clients may have a history of trauma and abuse; or at a young age they were known as the “caregiver” or “the responsible one” of their family and without reliable adults looking after them, they held responsibilities beyond their years. They may have difficult relationships with their parents, and siblings. They struggle with depressive and anxious feelings and are sometimes filled with guilt, self-doubt and dissatisfaction with their relationships.

All my clients have something in common, they are looking for a more fulfilling life and are motivated to grow. They know they are tired of the way things have been, and don't believe that things have to be this way in the future.

Maybe this sounds like you and you:

  • just graduated college

  • are feeling stuck and unsure why

  • have recently experienced a breach in trust

  • are considering a career move

  • have recently gotten engaged/married

  • are preparing to start/expand your family

You are now faced with two choices, to let things continue to be the way they’ve been or to take a step into a journey towards growth.

I maybe able to help you:

  • Honor and reconcile the pain/gifts in our family history

  • Discover and maximize your strengths

  • Increase understanding/communication of wants and needs

  • Improve interpersonal communication and relationship skills

  • Gain a deeper sense of self and meaning of life

  • Identity (i.e. gender/racial) and sexual orientation exploration

  • Understand how your past experiences influence your behavior and emotional responses

  • Increase your self-compassion

  • Develop tools for emotional balance

Special interests/expertise:

Young adults experiencing transitions, Latinx identity, biculturalism/racial and ethnic identity exploration, immigrant, refugee experience, body positivity, childhood trauma, LGBTQIA+ Mental Health.